Storage and Retrieval System

Storage and retrieval system is the foundation of the whole warehousing, HUAZH tech specialized in providing unit-load and mini-load AS/RS, bring customers with highly automated, intelligent, energy-saving and cost efficient products . HUAZH tech owns numbers of core technology patents in shuttles AS/RS, we are the first manufacturer in Asia( in 2006) launching the shuttles AS/RS, and the one and only manufacturer has practical commercially use of shuttles AS/RS by the year of 2016.

Conveying System

Conveying system is the basic unit of warehouses, working as bridges to connect each functional units, transporting pallet, case and other unit goods with fixed dimensions.Decades’ research and development and experience accumulation in conveyor system, HUZAH wins a series of core technology patents. We are the first in China to launch this clean, intelligent, modular conveyor system, meets the demand of performance and enables rapid deployment, easy maintenance and cost reduction. Our modular system can be one complete set for integrators and available DIY for others.

Picking System

Picking operations are the processes of retrieving goods from the storage locations with rapidness and accuracy as the orders demands, classifying and collecting together according to certain rules, getting ready for assembly and delivery.
HUAZH tech possesses many patents in picking system, providing high-speed picking module, GTP workstation, robot workstation and all kinds of semi-automated and fully automated products