HUAZH automated order fulfillment solutions are based on proven picking principles, can be customized to meet the special needs of customers and adapt to the ever-changing demands. Our solutions help our customers to built a more efficient, high cost-effective fulfillment process, bring a series of advantages to warehouses and distribution centers

Person-To-Goods Picking

In person-to-goods picking, products are placed in a static picking face, picking person assemble a order through different picking faces. HUAZH person-to-goods picking help pickers to fulfill the orders more efficiently by transporting goods to them before assemble and order. HUAZH goods-to-person picking products would bring higher accuracy, ergonomics and security, and adapt to fast-moving products, deal for retail products and other fast-moving goods.


Goods-To-Person Picking

In goods-to-person picking, the automated AS/RS and conveying system would bring products to a static picking station, pickers will take the needed item and number out of the tote and put into the delivery tote. The unfulfilled tote will circulate until the order is done, and the storage container would go back to the warehouse after one pick or enter the stage zone for next picking. HUAZH GTP system minimized the manual tasks and travel for pickers, improved the throughput and inventory control, is a fast, efficient and accurate order fulfillment solution. After years of practical use, it has proved to be the optimal choice for piece picking in e-commerce, pharmaceutical circulation, publication industries and distribution centers.

Automated Picking

Automated picking is the first step towards fully automation in the future, where man are only focus on value-added functions, not repetitive and time consuming operations. The ultimate goals are improve the productivity, speed, accuracy and flexibility in the whole process of order fulfillment. HUAZH created the automated picking solution that meet today’s need and have enough flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing needs. We not only bring the advantages for now, but also the preparation for the future.